Barn Church Series

Here are the stories of couples who found happily-even-after.

The Spindle Chair, Barn Church Series #1

What happens when the miracle you’ve prayed for threatens to destroy your marriage? Laurie Crane is happily married, yet she aches to have a child. During her husband’s moments of quiet sadness, she senses a void she believes only a...

Sticks and Stones, Barn Church Series #2

Sticks and stones may break bones, but words can crush the spirit. Since childhood, Julie Matthews has felt closest to God when singing. Mere days away from realizing her lifelong dream of singing professionally, she awakens in a hospital room...

Abide With Me, Barn Church Series #3

After ten years of marriage to the only man she’s ever loved, why is Angelina so unhappy? As a wealthy yet lonely wife, Angelina Rousseau pours all her emotions into her paintings. Desperate for affection and attention, she finds herself...