Children's Books from CLP & CAM

Here are children's titles from Christian Light Publications and Christian Aid Ministries. Excellent books that are not only entertaining but spiritually enriching as well.

Comfort One Another

What is it like to be a comforter that is shipped to a needy family? This delightful book takes you on a journey—from a cotton plant to a hut in Africa. Young readers will be inspired to bless others.

Nosy Miss Bianca, Happy Day Farm Series

Miss Bianca is a brown cow that lives on Happy Day Farm. She is friendly and good-looking—but she has a problem. She is nosy and always getting into mischief. Will Miss Bianca ever learn her lesson?

The Habit Hunt

What is a habit? Does it live in the barn? Or maybe hide under the bed? Curtis and Violet go hunting for a habit, only to discover that a habit is not a creature after all. Full-color illustrations.

Anna's Courage

It was a summer to remember. First the bull, then Gypsies, then the lard. This story takes us to Alberta, Canada, during the time of the Great Depression. Follow 11-year-old Anna as she meets challenges and learns the meaning of...

Midnight Tea Party and other stories about Rosy

Rosy could hardly wait! Grandmother had asked the girl cousins to take turns sleeping overnight at her house and helping her with cleaning the next day. But that night Rosy couldn’t sleep. To Rosy’s astonishment, Grandmother exclaimed, “I can’t go...

Not Made to Fly and Forty Other Stories for Children

Brenda the parachutist, who thought grocery bags would help her fly; Rick the bragger, who couldn’t stop tooting his own horn; Clark the scholar, who thought he was happy being miserable; Carrie the crier, who needed a cat to sleep...


Hatched in an incubator, Waddles began his life at a school in British Columbia. Later he came to live with the Miller family, who found his unpredictable antics highly entertaining. Who knew a Canada goose could find comfort in a...

Prairie Child

Rilla loved her home in a small farming community on the windblown Alberta prairies. Surrounded by a passel of fun-loving cousins and siblings, Rilla reveled in the joy of carefree moments and shivered through frightening ones: a night raider, an...

Something to Crow About

I wish I could go back and change the things I handled wrong, But could I make things better now? It’s been this way so long! On his first day at a new school, Jeremiah Shank shoves a classmate to...

Under God's Watchful Care

Fasten your seatbelts. We’ll go all the way around the world—and come back at the same time we started. In this book we will meet 24 children who live in 24 different time zones. It will be midnight in one...

Something for Seymour

Old Seymour sits and rocks all day in his old house high on the hill. He knows he is not like most folks. "A-ain't t-too smart," Seymour says. Other people tease old Seymour and call him names. But today ....

Grandpa John's Lost Bible

Some people keep the pages of their Bibles clean and white. Not Grandpa John. His beloved Bible is sprinkled with circles and notes. When it disappears on the way home from church one evening, he knows he will never be...

The Night The Angel Came

Have you ever been really afraid of something? Like a scary dream or a big black dog or getting lost in a strange place? Let me tell you about my fear and how God took it all away. My name...

Teddy's Tornado

When Teddy went to sleep in his room beside the kitchen, Mommy always sang his favorite song. She left the door open so light would shine on his pillow. Then one frightening evening a tornado smashed Teddy's bike and destroyed...

Angel Wolf

Being a Christian in the Soviet Union during the 1930s was not easy. When Pavel was shipped to a Siberia prison camp, he suffered from cold and hunger. But God was with him. This true story tells how God sent...

Miracle Boy

Local story from here in Mifflinburg PA! Mom reached for her phone. “I must call for help.” Her fingers trembled as she dialed 911. “My two-year-old son Dale is missing. I’m afraid he fell into the flooded creek that flows...

Cornmeal Samaritan

Snug and warm inside the cabin, Esther watched the snow pile as high as the window. She thought of the six old Indians who lived in a wigwam two miles away. Unable to hunt in the snowstorm, would they survive?...

Once Upon a Bedtime in a Faraway Land

Oliver lies in bed and imagines traveling around the world. Who might he meet? What kind of bed would he sleep in? I would see new sights and make new friends, and at night I would pillow my head In...

Rosanna In The Middle

Once, along a country road in Wisconsin, lived a girl named Rosanna. Rosanna lived between her two grandmas—Grandma Anna up the road, who laughed a lot and told stories about moving to Wisconsin long ago; and Grandma Anna down the...