Inspiration for Men

A wide range of inspirational titles covering many different subjects related to men.

Hope After Church Hurt

The people of God hurt you--but the heart of God is to heal you.Written for anyone wounded in a place of worship, and unsure how to move forward in their faith, this powerful book is an insightful and honest guide...

The Elizabeth Elliot Classics Collection

Tune your heart to this calm, compassionate voice in the midst of life's stormsWife of martyred missionary Jim Elliot, Elisabeth Elliot spent her life serving others, sharing the gospel, and encouraging believers in their walk with God through thought-provoking and...

Inrovert by Design

God created you as an introvert on purpose, for a purpose, and the world needs your strengths more than ever before.Building on insights she introduced in her popular book The Powerful Purpose of Introverts, bestselling author and counselor Holley Gerth...

The 100 Most Asked Questions About God And The Bible

What do you want to know about God and the Bible?Sometimes the truth can be hard to find. We live in an age where it only takes a few seconds to look up anything we want to know. But how...

The Men We Need

Have we gotten manhood all wrong?The world needs real men. But here's the problem: While we know what men are not supposed to be, it's not clear to us what masculinity looks like when men are at their absolute best.Into...

The (Young) Men We Need

What does it mean to be a real man?Our culture seems confused about that question and why it even matters. But God has made you for a type of manhood that will not only fulfill you but also benefit everyone...