Please shop with discretion

We cater to more traditional-type Christian customers. As such, we attempt to offer a broad selection of books that are generally accepted in conservative Christian groups. However, we acknowledge that there are various standards and convictions even among these groups. With that in mind we do offer returns with a full refund of the price on the returned item. Keep in mind you will be responsible to either ship or deliver the items to our location. Consult our return policy for details.

Most of our inventory comes from Christian publishers. These publishers represent just about every Christian denomination in North America. Please note: a wide variety of opinions and methods of practicing the Christian faith are presented in the literature they produce.

We also work with quite a few secular publishers. A lot of our history and nonfiction titles are sourced from these publishers. We also use these publishers for some children and youth fiction. Please note: these publishers may not value Christian ideals and some titles may contain or reference violence and immorality. Especially in the history and nonfiction categories.

We do not necessarily agree with or condone everything in every book we offer. We attempt to weigh the positives and negatives of each book and if it seems favorable, we then offer the title in our selection. 

Note to parents: Our goal is to empower you to decide what literature you wish to expose your children to. We attempt to label any children or youth titles we feel may require extra parental guidance. However, we cannot proofread every book. We encourage you to be actively involved in what your children read to be sure it meets your standards. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we encourage you to contact us. Receiving feedback from our customers helps to make informed decisions in the future. 

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