All It Takes Is A Goal

by Jon Acuff

When New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff got curious about tapping into his full potential, he launched a research study with Dr. Mike Peasley. They asked more than three thousand people if they felt they were living up to their full potential.


Fifty percent of people reported that 50 percent of their full potential is untapped. That means half of us are walking around with half-lives. No wonder Twitter is so grumpy.


Imagine if every Christmas you only opened up half your gifts. You could see the rest--a whole pile of them in the corner of the room--but you never got to open them.


Would that make for a happy Christmas, a happy house, a happy job, a happy anything?


It wouldn't, but what if it didn't have to be that way?


What if you could have a fulfilling career?


What if you could enjoy a thriving marriage and strong friendships?


What if you could be in the greatest shape of your life?


What if each day felt like a gift and each year progressively got better?


What if you could use a single piece of paper to learn from your past, enjoy your present, and prepare your future?


What if you could escape the Comfort Zone, avoid the Chaos Zone, and live in the Potential Zone?


That would be the best.


And what if all it takes is a goal?

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