Beechdale Road (softcover)

by Megan Shertzer & Tim Rogers

On Sunday, June 21, 2020, 18-year-old Linda Stoltzfoos of Bird-in-Hand, PA was kidnapped and later murdered by Justo Smoker.


FROM THE AUTHORS: Justo is Tim's brother-in-law and Megan's uncle. Beechdale Road is our attempt to share our story of grief, anger and pain but also unexplainable grace, kindness and mercy at the hands of the Amish community. For over a year following Linda’s disappearance, our family had various encounters with members of the Amish community. In this book, we reveal what it was like for us to encounter kindness when condemnation would have been understandable. From meeting Linda’s parents to having a birthday party with Linda’s closest friends to being invited into Linda’s home for her wake, we walk through what it was like to be confronted and changed by the disarming and shocking power of grace, kindness and mercy. 

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