Dangerous Decision, Circle C Adventures #2

by Susan K. Marlow

Everywhere twelve-year-old Andrea Carter goes, trouble follows. Even in the middle of the main street in Fresno, California. When Andi takes part in a reckless, impromptu horse race with her friend Cory, she nearly tramples her new teacher--not a good way to start the fall term!


And that mishap is only the beginning. Good intentions just aren't enough to keep Andi out of trouble. When an escaped prisoner forces his way into the schoolroom, Andi must make one of the hardest decisions of her life. Should she deliberately walk into danger to save a tormenting, mean-spirited schoolmate? Or is the price of following the Golden Rule just too high?


This anniversary edition of another exciting adventure in the Old West of the 1880s with beloved heroine Andi Carter is sure to be a favorite addition to schoolgirl bookshelves.

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