Habits For A Sacred Home

by Jennifer Pepito

Change the world by changing your home, one habit at a time

In a world as chaotic as it is right now, it can feel downright difficult to be raising kids. Our culture has come unhinged from Christian moorings and timeless values. But Jennifer Pepito wants you to know there is hope.

A mom of seven and a mentor to mothers around the world, Jennifer helps you establish nine restorative habits and practices in your home to foster peace, simplicity, and stability during turbulent times. Leaning on the practices of historic Christians--like Saint Benedict and Amy Carmichael--this book guides you toward habits of work, prayer, hospitality, and more to create the sacred home you long for. Learn how to:

· push back chaos by finding your own rhythm
· eliminate distractions so your home becomes a place of refuge
· foster a family culture of simplicity and stability

Don't fear the future. Create a home that brings life to future generations--and shines with hope and peace in these trying times.

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