Hope After Church Hurt

by Joe Dobbins

The people of God hurt you--but the heart of God is to heal you.

Written for anyone wounded in a place of worship, and unsure how to move forward in their faith, this powerful book is an insightful and honest guide into eight unique types of church hurt--and how to heal from them. 

Having helped thousands move from anger, distrust, apathy, and heartache to safely reengaging in their faith--and local church--Pastor Joe Dobbins offers compassion, wisdom, and practical advice to help you

· understand why church hurt is so potent and hard to address
· break free from bad beliefs, self-defeating patterns, and cycles of pain
· discover the way to inner healing
· release your pain and reframe your story
· find the courage to reengage in a faith community 
· protect yourself in the future

The pain of church hurt is real. But so is the hope of healing--and that healing can begin today.

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