How To Build A Thriving Marriage As You Care For Children With Disabilities

by Kristin Faith Evans and Todd Evans

Building a vibrant and joyful marriage is always a challenge. When you add the stresses inherent in parenting children with disabilities, it becomes both more difficult and more critical.

Once on the brink of divorce, Kristin and Todd Evans uncovered the unique set of skills crucial for growing a fulfilling relationship amid the extraordinary challenges of caring for their two children with special needs. Weaving together insights from Scripture, research, and clinical and personal experience, they show you how to

· identify your unique needs
· assess your strengths and weaknesses
· set your priorities
· develop healthy stress management skills
· deepen your communication and connection
· tackle problems as a team
· find ways to rest and recharge
· nurture sexual intimacy
· build a strong support network
· and so much more

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