Inrovert by Design

by Holley Gerth

God created you as an introvert on purpose, for a purpose, and the world needs your strengths more than ever before.

Building on insights she introduced in her popular book 
The Powerful Purpose of Introverts, bestselling author and counselor Holley Gerth guides you through a new interactive journey of personal discovery.

Designed to take you from insecurity to holy confidence in who God made you to be, each daily reading includes inspiration from Scripture and practical tips and strategies from Holley, while writing prompts help you

· connect in a deeper way with God through solitude and simple prayers
· become more aware of what's happening in your inner world
· learn to manage what energizes you and drains you as an introvert
· develop helpful habits like reflection, gratitude, and taking the next small step
· live each day in ways that empower you to thrive as an introvert for a lifetime

You don't have to change who you are to fit anyone else's expectations. Discover new freedom, confidence, and clarity in the pages of this beautifully designed guided journal

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