Knowing Jesus As Servant, The Bible Recap Knowing Jesus Series

by Tara-Leigh Cobble

Be Transformed by the Power of the Suffering Servant

When Jesus came to this world, His servant-like life confounded even those close to Him. Still today, there's much to learn and appreciate about this aspect of Christ.

Knowing Jesus as Servant, the second of four Bible studies on the Gospels, focuses on the book of Mark. Designed for both individual and small-group study, it features daily readings, passage-by-passage teaching, thought-provoking questions and writing space, weekly challenges, Scripture memorization, and personal study segments. It will not only equip you with greater knowledge, but also help you engage in formative practices that lead to a fuller relationship with Jesus.

The Son of God reigns as King and Savior, yet He came to serve. The deeper we know this, the more it transforms how we live and relate to others, because He's where the joy is!

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