Richard Scarry's Best Bunny Book Ever!

by Richard Scarry, A Little Golden Book

This bunny-rific collection presents three Golden Book stories by Richard Scarry in one quality hardcover volume with a gleaming gold spine! Featuring Naughty Bunny, Bunnies, and The Bunny Book for hours of furry reading fun!


Naughty Bunny: The beloved Richard Scarry has created one of his most endearingly naughty characters ever. This little bunny doesn’t deliberately try to be naughty, but sometimes – more often than not – that’s exactly what happens. Whether he is startling his mother with a loud TV, drawing on the wall, or making a fuss at nap time, the little bunny proves that even the naughtiest of children can be the most loveable.


Bunnies: Scarry introduces readers to all kinds of rabbits with wit and humor–from real-life breeds such as the Vienna Blue and lop-eared, to his whimsical clothed bunny characters (“Rabbits like to all get dressed up if they are going to be in a story book.”).


The Bunny Book: What will the little bunny be when he grows up? A fireman? A cowboy? A lion tamer? Each member of his family has a hunch in this classic story that is one of Richard Scarry’s best!

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