The 10 Study Guide

by Dr. Robert Jeffress

Experience God's blessings in your life--starting today

The 10, Dr. Robert Jeffress shows us how God's blessings come from living out His most fundamental instructions--the Ten Commandments. These timeless truths are an invitation to a fulfilling life overflowing with joy and love. But to receive those benefits, we have to know--and follow--God's guidelines.

When you're ready to go deeper into your relationship with God and others, this study guide will lead you on a journey to

· esteem God alone
· worship God only
· revere God's name
· value God's day
· honor your parents
· preserve life
· keep marriage holy
· respect the property of others
· protect the reputation of others
· control yourself and be content

Designed for individual use or group study, the thought-provoking questions in this guide will help you put the Ten Commandments into practice so you can live and love in way that honors God.

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