The Cat in the Christmas Tree

by Callie Smith Grant

Celebrate the gift of cats

Precocious and curious, batting at ornaments, pawing at presents, and running off with ribbons--cats enjoy Christmas in their own unique ways. As they alternate between calm and crazy, we see ourselves in those warm, furry creatures we just can't seem to keep out of the Christmas tree. Add in a healthy dose of mischief, mystery, and magic, and it's almost as if cats were created specifically for Christmastime.

The stories in this delightful collection will have you believing just that. In these pages, you'll meet

· Kitty, who causes momentary hysteria when he brings an unexpected gift to a Christmas party
· Grungy, who stands up to a Saint Bernard and wins admiration--and a stocking full of catnip--from a man who always said he did not like cats
· Lucy, a Russian Blue who passes on her disdain for human singing--yes, even Christmas carols--to her protégé, Tiki
· and many more

These true, feel-good holiday stories are the perfect companion for those long winter evenings in front of the fireplace with 
your favorite feline. This book also makes a heartfelt gift for cat-loving friends.

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