The Swindler's Treasure, Freedom Seekers #4

by Lois Walfrid Johnson

Captain Norstad stood up to a swindler, but now he might lose the riverboat they all love.


"Sometimes there's a cost for doing the right thing," Captain Norstad stated. Will he and the other Freedom Seekers recover the stolen money before a double payment is due?


When the Freedom Seekers learn that Micah Parker has escaped and is running for the Mississippi River, they leave the Christina and take up the search. They request the help of the Underground Railroad, but will they find Micah before the slave catchers?


When God's law and man's law conflict, which will they choose to follow?


From the golden age of steamboats, the rush of immigrants to new lands, and the dangers of the Underground Railroad come true-to-life stories of courage, integrity, and suspense in the Freedom Seekers series.

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