Tired of Being Tired

by Jess Connolly

Good news for soul-tired women starts here

You know the cycle: You start the day already exhausted and end it defeated, all the while telling yourself things will get better if you can just power through this week. But then the weeks turn into months, and you start to believe you'll never be able to stop, slow down, or catch your breath. You wouldn't even know how if you tried.

Yet God has made you for a life of abundance, not a life of exhaustion. It's time to quit the unsustainable pace and receive God's gift of realistic rest. With relatable stories and eye-opening insights, bestselling author and speaker Jess Connolly shows you

· how to find the source of your fatigue
· scripts for saying no and strategies for protecting your peace
· practices for bringing realistic rest into your daily and weekly rhythms

can break the cycle of living like you're constantly on the hook. This book will show you how to find new rhythms so that you can experience the abundant life God intended for you. Come to Jesus to find rest for your weary and burdened soul.

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