Trailing Trouble, Sequel to A Nose for Trouble

by Jim Kjelgaard
Secular Title

Young game warden Tom Rainse had two prized possessions: a pinto pony, and Smoky, the dog with a bloodhound's "nose for trouble". When the pinto was stolen, Tom put Smoky on the trail, only to find that it led them straight into a baffling wilderness mystery.


Who was the rustler, and what lay behid the theft? Buck Brunt, Tom's fellow game warden, thought it was poaching. Tom himself was sure that it  was something bigger. But Smoky's nose was what finally found the answer.


This oudoor adventure-mystery is an independent sequel to A Nose for Trouble. Like the earlier boook, it has a strong conservation theme, and all of Jim Kjelgaard's first-hand understanding of animal nature and wilderness ways.

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