Until Our Time Comes

by Nicole M. Miller

When her hopes are shattered by war, one woman will risk everything to save those she loves

American horse trainer Adia Kensington is living her dream of working at the famous Janów Podlaski stables in Poland, where the best Arabian horses in the world are bred. But her plans to bring a priceless stallion to the US are derailed when the German army storms into her adopted country in 1939. Little does she know this is just the beginning of six long years of occupation that will threaten her beloved horses at every turn.
Bret Conway is at Janów Podlaski under the guise of a news reporter, but his true mission is intelligence gathering for the British. That and keeping Adia safe, which is harder and harder to do as she insists they must evacuate two hundred and fifty horses to save them from being stolen, sold, or eaten by the invading forces. What follows will test Bret's and Adia's physical, mental, and emotional strength, as well as their faith in God, humankind, and each other.
This epic story of escape, capture, resistance, and love is based on true events of the uncommon heroes in World War II Poland.

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