Yosemite at Last, Circle C Milestones #5

by Susan K. Marlow

Andrea Carter, frontier heroine, is back! Only she's Andrea Prescott now, married to her sweetheart Riley. They're starting their lives together at Memory Creek ranch, not too far from her beloved Circle C. But if you thought her adventures would stop when she found happily ever after, you don't know Andi!


From their honeymoon in Yosemite--and the holdup that happens on their way--to the far corners of their new home, this couple's first year of marriage is full of excitement. They'll battle storms, explore the high country in search of the perfect Christmas tree, and tussle with a mountain lion, all before tackling the biggest adventure they've ever faced.


Always high on action and danger, this beloved series continues with these fan-favorite short stories and a couple of brand-new tales. You won't want to skip a single page!

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