Your Mission In God's Army

by Col. David J. Giammona and Troy Anderson

Your Ultimate Mission Briefing

As the enemy wages war against the Lord's army and the world hurls toward the Second Coming of Christ, God has a unique Kingdom deployment for each of us. 

Highlighting both the urgency and divine opportunity of these difficult days, retired U.S. Army colonel David Giammona and Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Troy Anderson initiate you into God's army. With sharp clarity and motivating biblical instruction, this hands-on manual prepares you to

· discern your divine destiny and mission
· develop your hidden spiritual gifts 
· walk in supernatural power, protection and provision
· glean wisdom from U.S. military intelligence tactics and strategies 
· employ powerful techniques and disciplines used by biblical heroes
· find your place in the greater mission to help bring in the end-times harvest

Rather than huddle in fear and uncertainty, you can live with boldness and security, walking by faith as a dynamic, purpose-filled, fully armored warrior of God. You are not just a bystander in these extraordinary times--you are a crucial and remarkable part of God's divine plan.

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